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Sammie the Slammer's power of generating and throwing sandwiches without moving a muscle doesn't amount to much compared to his peers' abilities - Levitation, telepathy, and super human strength. His mediocre power makes him a prime candidate for Jest Jape Academy, a school for budding villains named for and run by one of the most famous and successful supervillains of the time. Sammie imagines that he and his new sidekick, the quiet and brooding Death Hands, would stay there until they graduated and slunk off into the real world. However, when Death Hands accidentally kills a superhero from the rival school, their lives are turned upside down. Instead of living a life of petty crime, Sammie's new goal is to stay alive as he fights oppression and tyranny, while also battling the hormones created by his new unexpected girlfriend. Jest Jape and his minions hatch a plot to eliminate all of the Normies- people born without superpowers. The only people who stand in his way are Sammie, Death Hands, Sammie's new girlfriend, and Nice Nina- a mysterious girl who can withstand Death Hands' touch.